CANGURU: Reboot for the Saxophone Virtuoso of Alt-Electro-Hop Music. 

"…incredible debut record…a musical vision that blends 80s grandeur with the infectious energy of rave culture" (Plastic Mag)

“Contemporary and timeless…a tour de force of electronic music”. “A rising star in the electronic music scene”. (Goathead Records)

These are just a few review highlights from the electronic artist's first album entitled "Your Loving".

CANGURU is the new alias of the multi-talented Colin Crichton: whether as record producer, rapper, saxophonist, or painter: he is the embodiment of the DIY spirit. A canguru with a big bag of surprises! 

His single "Party in the Empire" reached over 36,000 listeners on Spotify and in total he collected around 171,000 streams. His music videos also managed to reach 335,454 views on YouTube. Last year, the music video for his single "Winner Today" was also nominated for the Silver Awards at the 2022 Berlin Music Video Awards. 

As a producer, singer, rapper and saxophonist, CANGURU serves up a unique idiosyncratic style. His many experiences, which led him to this project and its DIY implementation, he collected across various formations and bands, and later as a session player on the saxophone - for the latter instrument CANGURU even has a Master of Arts!

Besides releases with various projects, CANGURU is also known for his collaborations with Hayla, Sarah de Warren, as well as session legend Herbie Flowers. 

All of this did not come without obstacles, however: During the Corona pandemic, Colin wrote a Conscious Hip Hop album in which he raps about very personal struggles: because he wrote this album while fighting a long battle with alcohol addiction. Colin is now a year sober and very proud of his accomplishment, "It was the best decision I ever made! My life is 100% better now!" 

Now Colin aka CANGURU wants to act as a motivator/ role model and encourage other people suffering from depression and alcohol addiction to get their lives back on track - and create a motivational source with his music that can party with or without alcohol! 

CANGURU's first album entitled “Your Loving” is out now.